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Bottesford Infant School

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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!


Roles & Responsibilities

Miss Busby - Head Teacher
Mrs Holmes - Learning Mentor
Mrs Zetterstrom - Business Manager
Mrs Casey - Admin Assistant
Miss Watson - Red Class Teacher
Mrs Brand - Red Class Teaching Assistant
Miss Parker - Orange Class Senior Teacher
Mrs Bell - Orange Class Teaching Assistant
Miss Labourne - Deputy Head & Yellow Class Teacher
Mrs Gregory - Yellow and Green Class Teacher
Miss Wells - Yellow Class Early Years Practitioner
Miss Smith - Green Class Teacher
Miss Jordan - Green Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs Woodhead - Blue Class Teacher
Mrs Dalgairns - Indigo Class Teacher
Mrs Johnson - Indigo Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs Robinson - Violet Class Teacher
Mrs Arrand - Teaching Assistant & Librarian
Mrs White - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Blood - Caretaker
Mrs Reed - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jacklin - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Boothby - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Smith - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss MacGill - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs McAdoo - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Botfield - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Fox - Head Cook
Mrs Cowling - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Bird - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Early - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Sidelke - Kitchen Assistant
Matthew Baxter - Physical Activity Mentor