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Rainbow Day!

Rainbow Day! 1

Welcome to Yellow Class.


Miss Labourne and Mrs Woodmansey are the Yellow Class teachers and Miss Jordan is our TA. Our PE slots through Summer term are on Monday and Friday, but can change, so can you please ensure that PE kits are brought in on a Monday and taken again on a Friday. Our twitter page is @MissLabourne, please follow us to find out what we are learning. Book change will be on a Friday unless otherwise stated.


Summer Term Coverage

This term our whole school theme is 'Move it' and Yellow Class are in a healthy eating cafe for their immersive environment.


Literacy - In Literacy the children will be learning about writing instructions, writing letters, making and writing lists (shopping), looking at various fiction texts and creating recipes.


Numeracy - In Numeracy the children will cover a range of activities involving skills such as improving their mental arithmetic, data handling, fractions, money and their basic number skills.


Computing - In Computing the children will be using digital research as well as building on their word processing skills and learning to be able to send an email. They will continue to develop their awareness of e-safety. The children will also begin to use algorithms to control programs on the computer.


Science - The children will be working scientifically looking at 'biology - the body'. They will learn to name the parts of their body, discover their senses and learn what the body needs to be healthy.


PSHCE - The children will be focusing on how to persevere even when things become tough to overcome challenges and be the best they can be.


Art and design -  The children will learning about observational and line drawings and creating their own of pieces of fruit or vegetables. They will look at the artist Monet. The children will create fruit sculptures.


Music - The children will be learning to listen carefully to pieces of music and also how to compose their own music. They will learn to follow a beat and also learn a range of songs and rhymes about being healthy.


PE - The children will be covering a dance unit on a Monday and team games on a Friday. 


History - The children will learn about important figures from the past (Florence Nightingale) and also look at sporting hero Bobby Moore.


RE - Children will look at religious ceremonies and learn more in depth about different places of worship and their features.


Geography -  The children will look at the environment around them and in particular look at farms (Pink Pig visit) and how the land/animals give us produce.






If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

Sports Day




Asda 1
Asda 2
Asda 3
Asda 4
Asda 5
Asda 6
Asda 7
Asda 8

move it!

move it! 1
move it! 2
move it! 3
move it! 4
move it! 5
move it! 6


cafe 1
cafe 2
cafe 3
cafe 4
cafe 5
cafe 6

Eco Day

Eco Day 1
Eco Day 2
Eco Day 3
Eco Day 4
Eco Day 5
Eco Day 6
Eco Day 7
Eco Day 8
Eco Day 9
Eco Day 10

Easter bonnet parade

Easter bonnet parade  1
Easter bonnet parade  2
Easter bonnet parade  3
Easter bonnet parade  4
Easter bonnet parade  5

Easter egg rolling

Easter egg rolling 1
Easter egg rolling 2
Easter egg rolling 3
Easter egg rolling 4

Sledging at Xscape

Sledging at Xscape 1
Sledging at Xscape 2
Sledging at Xscape 3
Sledging at Xscape 4
Sledging at Xscape 5
Sledging at Xscape 6
Sledging at Xscape 7
Sledging at Xscape 8
Sledging at Xscape 9
Sledging at Xscape 10
Sledging at Xscape 11
Sledging at Xscape 12
Sledging at Xscape 13
Sledging at Xscape 14
Sledging at Xscape 15
Sledging at Xscape 16
Sledging at Xscape 17
Sledging at Xscape 18
Sledging at Xscape 19
Sledging at Xscape 20

Bottesford on Tour

Bottesford on Tour 1
Bottesford on Tour 2
Bottesford on Tour 3
Bottesford on Tour 4
Bottesford on Tour 5
Bottesford on Tour 6
Bottesford on Tour 7
Bottesford on Tour 8
Bottesford on Tour 9
Bottesford on Tour 10

Owl Exhibition

Owl Exhibition  1
Owl Exhibition  2
Owl Exhibition  3
Owl Exhibition  4
Owl Exhibition  5
Owl Exhibition  6
Owl Exhibition  7
Owl Exhibition  8
Owl Exhibition  9
Owl Exhibition  10
Owl Exhibition  11
Owl Exhibition  12

Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals 1
Nocturnal Animals 2
Nocturnal Animals 3
Nocturnal Animals 4
Nocturnal Animals 5
Nocturnal Animals 6


PE 1
PE 2
PE 3
PE 4
PE 5
PE 6
PE 7
PE 8


Maths 1
Maths 2
Maths 3
Maths 4
Maths 5
Maths 6
Maths 7
Maths 8


Skip4life 1
Skip4life 2
Skip4life 3
Skip4life 4
Skip4life 5
Skip4life 6

Open Afternoon

Open Afternoon 1
Open Afternoon 2
Open Afternoon 3
Open Afternoon 4
Open Afternoon 5

Autumn Term 2016

Autumn Term 2016 1
Autumn Term 2016 2
Autumn Term 2016 3
Autumn Term 2016 4
Autumn Term 2016 5
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Autumn Term 2016 7
Autumn Term 2016 8
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Autumn Term 2016 19
Autumn Term 2016 20
Autumn Term 2016 21
Autumn Term 2016 22

EYFS Literacy Open Afternoon - September 2016

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Parent Meeting - 15th September

Year 1 Parents Afternoon - September 2016