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The teaching of geography at Bottesford Infant's School provides pupils with the opportunities and experiences to go 'beyond' the classroom and immerse themselves in many different environments where they can understand the world in which they live . In geography, pupils will be given a purpose for their learning , enabling deeper knowledge by learning through project based activities and challenges and undertaking their own quality research. Pupils will understand their place in the world by learning about where they live and other cultures and countries outside of Europe (also linked to our International Schools work). They will learn about the geographical features of their local area and play an active role in their community. Pupils will be given the ability to express opinions about their local area and have ideas of how they can improve it. Pupils will ask questions about where they live and use quality resources including maps, atlases and globes to conduct age- appropriate fieldwork and mapwork in their local environment. Pupils will develop curiosity through geography which will enable them to protect our environment and be aware of their future impact on the planet.






Geography Progression Curriculum