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The teaching of history at Bottesford Infant's School provides pupils with an understanding of their place in the world by learning about their own past, present events and their future. We will give pupils a purpose for learning, enabling deeper knowledge by providing historical experiences which go 'beyond' the classroom , not just covering the formal requirements of the National Curriculum. At Bottesford Infants we encourage our pupils in history to take risks and solve problems, give them the ability to ask and answer questions about the past and challenge others' views. Pupils will learn about history in their local area and learn how to play an active role in their community. They will develop an excellent knowledge and understanding of significant people, events and contexts from a range of historical periods. At  Bottesford, pupils will gain the skills in history to express opinions and ideas about key events and understand why they happened. They will respect historical evidence and explore a range of historical sources and artefacts, using them accurately. The pupils will develop their curiosity about the past and will be challenged through activities including the opportunity to undertake research across a range of immersive environments including project based chronology.