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Meet The Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!


What does the Governing Body do?

The governing body is responsible, together with Miss Busby, for the strategic management and leadership of the school. Governors also carry out particular responsibilities whilst attending 3 full Governor days in school. During these days they carry out their monitoring roles linked to their assigned class and a priority focus from the school development plan. They also attend attend a committee meeting: teaching, learning & Improvement or Resources.

They also establish with Miss Busby and the staff the aims and policies of the school and how standards of education can continue to be improved through the school development plan and the use of the school budget. They ensure all curriculum and legal requirements are met.

Full governing body meetings are held three times through the year at the school. Copies of the agenda and minutes (of the non confidential part A of the meeting) are available at the school office.

Parents wishing to become Governors are encouraged to apply when vacancies arise.

If parents want to contact a member of the Governing Body, a letter can be left at the school office.

Financial Information:


Please visit the schools financial benchmarking service: here



Meet the governors


Bernadette Glabus - Co-opted Governor - Chair of Governors

Term of Office: 10.07.19 - 09.07.23

Pecuniary Interests: None        Meetings Attended: 100%

Elizabeth Carr - Chair of Governors & Co-opted Governor

Term of Office: 15.09.18-14.09.22

Pecuniary Interests: None        Meetings Attended: 100%

Zoe Labourne - Staff Governor

Term of Office: 10.05.21 - 09.05.25

Pecuniary Interests:  None                 Meetings Attended: 100%

Hilary Strong - Vice Chair & Co-opted Governor 

Term of Office: 5.03.18 - 4.03.22

Pecuniary Interests:  Chair of Governors at another school    Meetings Attended: 100%

Anna Soulby - Co-opted Governor 

Term of Office: 7.11.18 - 14.11.22

Pecuniary Interests:  Works in secondary school office           

Meetings Attended: 100%

Joanne James - Parent Governor


Term of Office: 7.11.18 - 14.11.22

Pecuniary Interests:  None               Meetings Attended: 66.6%

Sarah McElhinney - Co-opted Governor


Term of Office: 15.09.2021 - 15.09.2025

Pecuniary Interests:  Works as a teacher in a primary school              Meetings Attended: 100%

Emma Shrimpton - Parent Governor


Term of Office: 30.09.2021 - 30.09.2025

Pecuniary Interests:  None               Meetings Attended: 100%