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Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow


Welcome to Red Class!

In this reception class Miss Watson is the class teacher and Miss Wells is the Early Years Practitioner. Please come and see us if you have any queries or questions. 

We also have some volunteers who help with small group work and reading. We would like to thank them for supporting the children in red class. 

The theme this term will be 'All creatures great and small'. We have immersed ourselves in this topic and our classroom has become the jungle. 

Throughout the term we will be covering the following areas:

Personal,Social and Emotional Development:
circle time, talk partners, group games with rules, critiquing own and others work, talking about ideas in a group, leading activities, persevering at an activity.

Physical Development:
Gymnastics, balancing, shapes, rolls, using apparatus, stretches, sports day practise, athletics, jungle inspired dance routine, Skip to the Beat challenge, writing, finger strengthening rhymes, neat letter formation- joined up, healthy choices. 

Communication and Language:
Story and information maps, project discussion, presentations of learning, talk partner work, group work, asking and answering questions, retelling information about a chosen animal, critique. 


Read,Write,Inc., talk for writing, reading, discussion of stories and answering questions about them, labelling, adult led guided writing sessions, talking about their writing, story writing, information texts, floorbook. 



Doubling, halving, addition, subtraction, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, simple problem solving, money, capacity, distance and measuring. 


Understanding the World

Family customs-retelling Easter holidays, learning about the jungle, information about jungle animals, endangered animals, fundraising, Book Creator app, apps for literacy and maths, gardening, special celebrations, school trip. 


Expressive Arts and Design

Singing, dancing, making music to accompany dance routines, jungle inspired music with instruments, listening to jungle sounds and music, animal masks, making props for immersive classroom. 

General reminders...
  • The children will be participating in PE lessons twice a week on Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has his/her PE kit in school on a Monday and that it stays in school all week. Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled. If your child wears earrings, for their own safety please could you remove these on PE days, if possible. 
  • Please ensure that you send your child with water in their water bottle and not juice. 
  • Please make a brief note (or initial) every time your child reads their reading books with you. We then know that they are ready to change their books each week.

The websites below are very useful to support your learning at home. Have fun!

Please visit your class page again soon as the gallery will be updated regularly! To keep up to date with what is happening in our class, follow Miss Watson on twitter at @missrwatson1 Photos and information are regularly updated on there. 

Enjoying the jungle life...

Creative jungle themed activities!


Enjoying working in our immersive environments!

Exhibition! What makes a boat float?

Boat making!


World Book Day!...Sharing books with our grown ups

Experts at counting in tens!

Still image for this video

FANTASTIC partner work in our immersive environment! What would you find under the sea?...

Still image for this video

Not only are we experts at talking with a partner, but we are superstars at talking in our 'squares' to share ideas!

Still image for this video

Chinese New Year!

Our new seaside classroom!

What do we know about the seaside? Hard at work in our immersive classroom!

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Symmetry on the ipads
Symmetry on the ipads
What could we make with all these resources?
What could we make with all these resources?
Addition outside in the garden
Addition outside in the garden
Addition outside in the garden
Addition outside in the garden
Practical addition with a partner
Using chalk to make our own car track
Art & craft using Autumn leaves
Using atelier to create space
Budding artists!
Ordering numbers and exploring pumpkins!
Halloween party
Sharing skills
Exploring sounds outside
Harvest Festival Assembly
Harvest Festival Assembly
What sounds do we know?
Writing using the letter flips
Macmillan cake sale
Yummy! Macmillan cake sale
We love the trim trail!
We had so much fun learning facts about space!
Inside the planetarium!
In we go!
We loved the planetarium!
Who has left us such exciting challenges?!
The aliens have been in!
Exploring space in our outdoor area!
For our key person display
We love our space station!
Our aliens! Counting eyes!
Getting creative with lollipop sticks!
Whole class work
Recording what we know about space in our jotters!
Recording what we know about space in our jotters!
Recording what we know about space in our jotters!
Recording what we know about space in our jotters!
Making repeating patterns with coloured stars!
Hard at work!
Investigating how far the water will run
Enjoying the mud kitchen!
Setting up an obstacle course
Enjoying the reading area
Making shapes
Practising our new sound
Working hard in phonics!
Working together
Teamwork! How tall can we make it?
Rainbow day
Making star collages
Getting creative!
Our first work in our jotters
Enjoying our school dinners!
Inside the space station
Cutting and sticking
Singing time in the water tray!
Designing a rocket
Fun with playdough
Designing rockets with Miss Wells
Reading on the moon!
Our first day at school!