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Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow


Welcome back everybody!

Miss Robinson and Mrs Arrand are excited to see everybody back in Violet class!

Below you will find details of what we have planned for your learning this term.

Summer term 2021

Our project question this term is 'How does your garden grow?'

Our classrooms have been themed around a traditional English country garden. 

We will be focusing on...... 


  • Story writing (retelling, planning and writing our own)
  • Recounts
  • Instructions
  • Diary entry
  • Poetry
  • Practising ongoing SPAG skills such as punctuation, sentence structure, common exception spellings, word types, using adjectives, conjunctions and interesting sentence openers


  • Number and Place value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Money
  • Time
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Position and direction
  • Fractions 
  • Problem solving

Science - Materials

  • Seasonal change (a recap)
  • Animals - how they grow and change and their basic needs
  • Plants - naming a variety of plants, flowers and trees, what do plants need to survive, how do they grow and reproduce 


  • Toys through time - the history of toys


  • There will be a focus on the Geography of the local area.
  • Local landmarks
  • Local human and physical features
  • Simple maps and keys 
  • Using a compass 
  • Using Google Earth/Street View 
  • Looking at aerial photographs 


  • Word processing
  • Using the internet
  • Developing our Chromebook skills
  • Algorithms 

Design and Technology

  • Focus on structures - design, make and evaluate a piece of playground equipment. 


  • Focus on sculpture - studying the sculpture work of Jill Townsley, Eva Rothschild and Anish Kapoor, children to create their own clay pot.


  • Focus on Timbre (how one musical note sounds different from another). Children will be exploring timbre, composing, performing and appraising music. 


  • Net/wall games
  • Athletics (running, jumping, throwing)
  • Sending and Receiving
  • Locomotion (moving in different ways)


  • Relationships
  • Changing Me


  • Questions, questions - exploring answers to religious questions such as 'How was the world created?'








Welcome to Violet Class!

Violet Class is a Year 2 class. The teacher is called Miss Robinson and the teaching assistant is called Mrs Arrand. Our class page is where you will find information about our P.E times, library days, book days and any other important dates/facts you need to know! You will also be able to find out about our curriculum, topics, pictures of us learning and also what our classroom looks like throughout the year. 

We hope you enjoy our page and find all the information you need. Currently we have a transition booklet below that you could share before September with your child and a short video classroom tour.

We are so excited to meet you all very soon!

Here is our transition booklet.

Take a tour of our classroom.

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