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Welcome to Indigo Class!

Mrs Dalgairns is the class teacher, Mrs Strickland is the TA.

P.E will be Tuesday and Thursday. As P.E times change throughout the year, could you please ensure that P.E kits are brought to school on Monday and they will be taken home on Fridays. 

Summer Term Coverage - 

This term our whole school theme is 'Move It!'.

Literacy - In literacy the children will be writing stories, newspaper reports, recounts and developing their comprehension skills. 

The children will be covering a range of spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.

Numeracy - In Numeracy the children will cover a range of activities involving skills such as improving their mental arithmetic, the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and challenges linked to applying these, fractions, understanding the properties of shapes, comparing measures, time and money.

Computing - In Computing the children will be using digital research as well as ongoing word processing skills. The children will have experience of creating algorithms and de-bugging. They will continue to develop their awareness of e-safety.

Science - The children will be working scientifically looking at living things and their habitats and characteristics of humans. We will be thinking about how to keep healthy. The children will have opportunities to carry out a range of exciting scientific investigations.

PSHCE - The children will be focusing on perseverance and healthy lifestyles.

Art and Design - The children will be exploring colour, texture, line and shape. We will focus on moving body parts and people in action and looking at the artist L S Lowry.

Music - The children will be exploring timbre, tempo and dynamics. 

PE - The children will have opportunities to cover aspects of athletics and team games such as dodge-ball and other inter-class games.

History - The children will be investigating the life of famous sports people from the past linked to the different areas of sport and we will also be looking at the history of the circus.

RE - The children will be naming, describing and comparing places of worship and looking at religious artefacts linked to different faiths.


If you have any resources linked to our 'Circus' theme this term and would be happy to let us borrow them, we would be very grateful.

Summer term - Welcome to the circus!

Summer term - Welcome to the circus! 1
Summer term - Welcome to the circus! 2
Summer term - Welcome to the circus! 3
Summer term - Welcome to the circus! 4

VIsit from Circus Kevin

VIsit from Circus Kevin 1
VIsit from Circus Kevin 2
VIsit from Circus Kevin 3
VIsit from Circus Kevin 4
VIsit from Circus Kevin 5


Indigo Class!

Skip for Life

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Skip for Life 4

FIre Service visit...

FIre Service visit... 1
FIre Service visit... 2
FIre Service visit... 3
FIre Service visit... 4
FIre Service visit... 5
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Visit from William Petty
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Bottesford Values Tree
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Year 2 Parents afternoon - September 2016