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Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow


Welcome to Yellow Class 


Miss Labourne and Mrs Gregory are the teachers in Yellow Class and Miss Wells is the teaching assistant.

Our PE slots are on a Tuesday and a Wednesday but can change, so please can you ensure that PE kits are brought in on a Monday and taken again on a Friday. Reading books will be changed on a Wednesday. Homework will be sent out on a Friday and can it be returned to school on the following Wednesday. Yellow Class will use the library on a Friday and will bring their library book home each week. 

Our twitter page is @MissLabourne, please follow us to find out what we are learning.

Spring term coverage

This term our whole school theme is 'Bottesford on Tour' and we have created a polar immersive environment, with a focus on The North and South Pole.


The Early Years Foundation Stage has 7 areas of learning.

Here is what we will be covering in the Spring term:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be learning and playing in lots of different ways, including independently, with a partner and in a group. When working independently we will make choices about how and where we would like to learn. We will be playing turn taking and small circle games, following rules. We will complete the Jigsaw pieces ‘Dreams and Goals’ and ‘Healthy Me’. We will develop our problem solving and negotiation skills, as well as our understanding of the school values. 

Communication and Language

We will complete listening activities/games and circle times to develop our listening skills. We will orally retell stories and events with actions, act out familiar stories and create our own stories using story maps to develop our language and vocabulary. We will develop our understanding of stories and ability to answer questions during Guided Reading and class story times. 

Physical Development

We will be continuing to develop our control and co-ordination in a range of movements during time in our classroom and outdoor area, PE and playtimes. We will take care of our personal hygiene including washing hands, toileting, dressing and undressing for PE and getting own coat on and off. We will be beginning to learn the cursive script during Handwriting sessions. We will continue to develop our awareness of the importance of health and exercise. We will move to music and follow the Primary Steps in PE scheme of work throughout. We will take part in a Bottesford Colour Run and Cricket taster session with ‘All Stars’; we will also take part in the Get Ahead ‘It’s catching’ challenge.


We will further develop our reading and writing skills in our daily Read Write Inc. lesson, as well as Guided Reading and Guided Writing sessions, applying our phonic knowledge and tricky red words throughout. We will continue to develop our ability to answer questions about characters/events and make predictions in Guided Reading and class story times, as well as our understanding of fiction and non-fiction. We will write sentences using finger spaces and full stops. We will celebrate World Book Day and all receive the book ‘The Cave’ after an exciting book session in school.


We will be learning about addition and subtraction and using our skills to solve simple mathematical problems. We will learn about doubling, halving and sharing, as well as, time, money and shape. We will learn how to count in 10’s, 5’s and 2’s as well as number facts; we will apply these skills when counting and solving problems. We will order numbers in lots of different ways.

Understanding the World

As part of our project we will learn about life in The Polar Regions and compare that to our life in the UK.  We will compare the weather, clothes and home in these places. We will celebrate Safer Internet Day and Chinese New Year. We will talk about time and seasonal differences around the world and use technology in lots of different ways, including filming for our exhibition and reading apps during Guided Reading.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be creating polar bear art work using different media. We will use critique to improve our art work. We will move to music and learn songs throughout the project. We will explore different musical instruments and create pieces of music with them. 


Year 1

Literacy - In Literacy the children will be looking at a range of fictional stories such as The Emperor's Egg, Lost and Found, The Lonely Polar Bear and Leaf. The children will create posters, leaflets, diary entries and acrostic poems. They will develop their speaking skills by creating an I-movie. 


Maths - In Maths the children will be learning about numbers to 100. Days of the week, fractions, capacity, addition and subtraction. 


Computing - In Computing the children will be using Lego visualiser to record their learning and build on their typing skills. The children will create an I-movie to showcase their learning. Throughout our computing lessons the children will continue to develop their awareness of e-safety and how they can keep themselves safe online. 


Science -  The children will look at seasonal change and what happens throughout the year.  The children will learn about habitats and the different conditions they live in. They will learn to classify animals and decide if the are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. The children will plant seeds and observe the changes, they will know what a plant needs to grow. The children will investigate different materials through naming and their properties. We will complete investigations linking to our project. 


PSHE - The children will be focusing on our school values communication and achieve. The children will take part in a weekly Jigsaw lesson. This term the focus is 'Dreams and Goals' and 'Healthy Me'.


Art and design -  The children will be focusing on Georgia O'Keefe and her artwork, we will create our own flowers based on here art. Along with using critique to improve their work through drafting and peer critique. 


Music - The children will be learning about the famous composer John Williams and listening to his music. The children will create their own pieces of music with a range of instruments and record this using symbols.  The children will listen and learn rhymes and chants. 


PE - The children will be covering different units based on dance and gymnastics. 


History - The children will learn about the famous explorers and who was the first person to reach The North and South Pole. 


RE -  The children will focus on the festival of Easter.  


Geography -  The children will learn about their local area and Bottesford Beck. They will name human and physical features in our local area. The children will label The United Kingdom. We will compare the polar regions to Scunthorpe by looking at the weather, clothing, animals, homes and food. 


If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

World Book Day


Ready, set, go!

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Sledging fun at Xscape!

Xscape Snozone Sledging!


Project Launch

Wear it White Day and Happy Feet!


Immersive Classroom January 2020

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Settling in! September 2019

Nocturnal Animals

Remembrance Day

Hedgehog Visit!

We had a lovely visit today from Frank who runs a hedgehog hospital in Appleby. He told the children all about hedgehogs and how to care for them. They learnt what hedgehogs eat, where they live and why they have their prickly spines!