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PE and Sport Premium

At Bottesford Infant School we believe that, 'Better movers make better thinkers. Better movers make better learners.' 

We are committed to improving PE and school sport for our children. 

    We are very proud of how fit and healthy our children are, as they already have so many opportunities at our school to take part in daily physical activity and learn about healthy lifestyles. We aim to make our provision even better using the PE and Sport Premium funding.


    We will use the PE and Sport Premium money to:

    • Engage all children in regular physical activity
    • Further develop the confidence and skills of our staff
    • Increase participation levels in competitive sport
    • Further develop our school sports clubs
    • Engage children in a broad range of sports and sporting experiences

    Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full report of how our money has been spent and the impact it has had in our school.


    We are a proud member of the Get Ahead Partnership and work closely with them to improve every child's experience of PE (curriculum), to increase opportunities for competition against selves and others, increase physical activity for all young people and encourage a healthy lifestyle.


    Here are some of the ways we used our PE and Sport Premium money in 2022/2023: 

    • Our membership to the Get Ahead Partnership. As part of this, 100% of our Year 2 children have attended at least one out of school sporting event before they transition to Junior School. Over 60% of our children have attended an out of school sporting event this year. 
    • Liam, our Physical Activity Mentor, leads active playtimes and works with targeted groups.
    • Memorable sporting WOW days in school including our Women's World Cup day on the final day of the year.  
    • Intra-school competitions including a Speed of Light day, Cricket day and World Cup day. 
    • Transport to local inter-school sporting events. 


    Here are some of the ways we used our PE and Sport Premium money in 2020-2022: 

    • Our membership to the Get Ahead Partnership.
    • Physical Activity Mentor
    • WOW events such as the Colour Run, Silent Disco and Get Glowing.
    • Transport to local sporting events. 
    • Ensured each class bubble has their own set of essential PE resources and equipment to use in both PE lessons and during active playtimes. 
    • Ensured our children learning at home during national lockdown had access to high quality active resources and equipment. 
    • Provided all of our children with memorable days of physical activity; these included a Colour Run, Silent Disco, EURO football day and Olympic day. These events were ran by the Get Ahead Partnership. 


    Some feedback from our families Summer term 2021:

    'The wide range of sporting activities has also been a brilliant feature of this term. Events such as the colour run, sports day, the EURO football day and the mini Olympics day have meant so much to J. It was wonderful to see his excitement and the photos on Tapestry, and to hear all about them at home.'

    'My son had THE BEST time doing this. Thank-you for making moving fun.'

    'He hasn't stopped talking about the silent disco since he got home this afternoon, he burst through the door and told me he'd had the best day ever!'


    Here are some of the ways we used our PE and Sport Premium money in 2019/2020: 

    • CPD for staff including Yoga CPD for Miss Watson and KS1 Fundamental Movement CPD for Miss Parker. 
    • Kate Hill, PE Mentor from the Get Ahead Partnership, came into school every Wednesday afternoon during the Spring term to work alongside our teachers and further develop their teaching of Dance.
    • Our Get Going Wellbeing programme with Brad, from the Get Ahead Partnership, who came into school every Monday afternoon during the Spring term to work with targeted children. 
    • Our huge whole school Rugby World Cup day on 1/11/19 with a special guest, Weller Hauraki from Hull KR.
    • New class fitbits for our Active Bear competition.


    During academic year 2018-2019, we invested some of our PE and Sport Premium money to become one of Get Ahead's 'Let's Get Healthy' schools: as part of this Miss Borrie, our Health Improvement Co-ordinator, helped us to be the healthiest, happiest school we could be.

    During our 'Let's Get Healthy' journey we...

    • Launched 'Walking Wednesday' and 'Fitness Friday' to develop active travel.
    • Worked alongside our breakfast club facility to develop healthy choices and train up children from the Junior School to lead active games. 
    • Worked with our local preschools and nurseries to share good practice, resources and develop practitioner knowledge.
    • Worked with children in Year 2 to develop the Junior Lunchtime Supervisor role.
    • Ensured our Christmas and Summer fayre's were our healthiest fayres yet with festive fruit kebabs and fruit cones!  

    Walking Wednesday results...

    Assessment day in September 2018 - 38% of children travelled to school in an active way

    Re-Assessment day in June 2019- 61% of children travelled to school in an active way

    A huge increase of 23%!

    Please see below for photos of some of the things we have used our funding on.

    Go to and our class pages for more information on sporting events and activities that have taken place in school.

    Our speaker!

    We used our PE and Sport Premium money to buy this speaker; it allows us to do PE lessons outside, keep active at playtimes and is used every week for Miss Parker's 'Fitness Friday' on the playground! We have updated the music each year using the PE and Sport Premium money. 

    Active Bear

    Active Bear is our newest addition to our Achievement Assembly awards... every day one child from each class wears the class Fitbit, we record the number of steps completed at the end of every day and total them up at the end of a week. The most active class is rewarded with 'Active Bear'! 

    We have invested in the PE library from 'Primary Steps in PE'. Each week children from each class take home a PE Library bag for the weekend; each bag contains equipment and an activity book. The aim of the PE Library is to get children more active at home and to encourage more physical play with their parents/siblings; we used the PE and Sport Premium money to fund this. 

    Active Playtimes

    The School Council met with Miss Parker to discuss our playground and what we could do to make playtimes even more fun and even more active. The children decided they would really like to play more games and in order to do this we would need some new equipment. They created a shopping list using post-its and catalogues. Here is all of our new equipment ready to go!  

    Running Challenge!

    Our running challenge has been a huge success at playtimes with 56% of children who completed the Active Questionnaire (July 2019) citing the lap bands as their favourite new piece of equipment and 44% choosing it as their favourite thing to do at playtime.  

    The children collect a lap band at the end of each lap of the playground before counting their total number of laps at the end; their challenge is to do as many laps as they can and beat their personal best. We used the PE and Sport Premium money to buy the lap bands and equipment to mark out the track.