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Using the library

Our library is open to the children at break time and lunchtime for them to use at their pleasure.

The children also visit the library during class time every week, where possible, where they have the opportunity to change their library book. Library books are not staged/levelled in any way, they are for the children to share with their families for their enjoyment. We ask that library books are always in their book bag in case their library day needs to change due to other events in school. If they haven’t finished reading their library book they can renew it and take it back out again.

Fundraising 2019

We would like to re-launch our fundraising for a collection of New Fiction Library Books that the children can use for free reading and home reading.


Reading is a skill we take for granted, yet one that is essential for being able to get on in life. As a child grows up, being able to read well not only enables them to discover new facts but also opens them up to a world of new ideas, stories and opportunities. We want to instil a love of reading in all our pupils and in order to achieve this we need to inspire them.


We are aiming to raise £300 which will enable us to purchase new books to enhance the selection currently available in our school library. We hope to have books covering a variety of topics and interests so that all pupils will have access to books that they will enjoy reading.


To donate, please visit we are grateful for any donation you are able to make.


Thank you for your support

Reading Leaders September 2019

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Using the library at break and lunch

We look forward to sharing our new library with you! 


Our library is going to be open to the children at break time and lunchtime for the children to use at their pleasure. Every child will choose their own library book to take home and they will be changed each week. We are all looking forward to using the library throughout the school day.