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Welcome to Yellow Class 


Miss Labourne is the teacher in Yellow Class and Miss Jordan is the TA. Our PE slots through the Autumn term are on a Monday and Wednesday, but can change, so can you please ensure that PE kits are brought in on a Monday and taken again on a Friday. Our twitter page is @MissLabourne, please follow us to find out what we are learning. Book change will be on a Wednesday unless otherwise stated.


Autumn term coverage

This term our whole school theme is 'Heroes and Villains' and we have created a superhero world and hospital (real life heroes) for our immersive environment.


Literacy - In Literacy the children will create character profiles for the different superheroes, write a diary entry pretending to be Florence Nightingale, create a non-chronological report and write stories based on superheroes.


Numeracy - In Numeracy the children will cover a range of activities involving skills such as improving their mental arithmetic, number, counting, writing and ordering numbers to 100. Along with addition, subtraction, measurement (length), 2D and 3D shape.


Computing - In Computing the children will be using digital research as well as building on their word processing skills. They will continue to develop their awareness of e-safety and how they can keep themselves safe online. The children will begin to work with our new robots named Dash and will program them to get to different locations.


Science -  The children will also look at seasonal change and what happens throughout the year. They will take part in a variety of investigations such as 'Which material would be suitable for a superheroes cape?' 'How can the superheroes escape from the ice?' They will name and sort a range of materials based on their properties, look at freezing and melting, and what conditions are needed for the changes of state. 


PSHCE - The children will be focusing on our school values of working together and enjoyment. They will focus on working together in teams and looking at what they enjoy, along with what their friends enjoy too. 


Art and design -  The children will be developing their observational drawing through various drafts of a fire engine, they will critique each others until the desired outcome is achieved. Along with looking at a famous artist 'Picasso' and his art work, we will then create a portrait of Florence Nightingale in the style of Picasso. In Design Technology we will be designing, making and evaluating our own individual ambulance.


Music - The children will be focusing on pitch, they will listen carefully to pieces of music and discuss the pitch within it. The children will create high and low pitch sounds with instruments. They will also learn how to compose their own pieces of music.


PE - The children will be covering different units based on gymnastics, team games and dance.


History - The children will learn about real life heroes such as Florence Nightingale and why she is a hero. We will look at hospitals now and in the past and discuss the changes over time. We will also look back at other heroes such as soldiers from WW1 and WW2 and learn why we have Remembrance day. 


RE -  We will focus on why we are all special and different religious ceremonies. We will look at 'The Christmas Story' and retell what happened. We will also focus on the faith of Hinduism.


Geography -  The children will learn about their local environment.


If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

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