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Welcome to Yellow Class 


Miss Labourne and Mrs Rusling are the teachers in Yellow Class and Miss Jordan is the TA. Our PE slots through Spring term are on a Monday and Wednesday, but can change, so can you please ensure that PE kits are brought in on a Monday and taken again on a Friday. We will also have cricket sessions for four weeks during the first half term of Spring. Our twitter pages are @MissLabourne and @mrs_rusling, please follow us to find out what we are learning. Book change will be on a Wednesday unless otherwise stated.



Autumn term coverage

This term our whole school theme is 'Beautiful Britain' and Yellow Class are at the seaside for their immersive environment.


Literacy - In Literacy the children will be learning to write leaflets and postcards, complete diary entries, write poems and write a recount. We will also be using a number of seaside themed fiction books.


Numeracy - In Numeracy the children will cover a range of activities involving skills such as improving their mental arithmetic, multiplication, place value, money and measurement.


Computing - In Computing the children will be using digital research as well as building on their word processing skills. They will continue to develop their awareness of e-safety. The children will also begin to create their own stories using a lego visualiser programme.


Science - The children will be working scientifically looking at physics in particular, building electrical circuits and investigating floating and sinking. They will also be looking at seasonal change and the environment around us.


PSHCE - The children will be focusing on our school value of communication. They will also learn about beach safety and how to care for our environment.


Art and design -  The children will be learning about the artist Hockney and will be using similar skills to those evident in his art work. They will also be doing observational drawings, of items found at the seaside, and exploring texture.


Music - The children will be learning to listen carefully to pieces of music and also how to compose their own music. We will be examining pulse and rhythm in our own and composed pieces of music. 


PE - The children will be covering basic fitness skills, ball games (focusing on throwing and catching) and a dance linked to the seaside theme. They will also participate in a stretch of cricket lessons taught by an outside PE teacher.


History - The children will learn about the seaside in the past, comparing similarities and differences to the modern day seaside environment. They will learn about Grace Darling and her life. They will also learn about London during the last week of term.


RE -  Children will look at religious ceremonies and learn about Easter. We will learn about the traditions and culture of another religion and compare this to our own.


Geography -  The children will learn predominantly about the seaside. They will compare this to different localities and learn about physical and man made features, identifying them in different places. We will learn about the continents and oceans, and the children will learn to name and locate these.


If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

Punch and Judy show

Our new classroom

Our new classroom 1
Our new classroom 2
Our new classroom 3
Our new classroom 4
Our new classroom 5
Our new classroom 6
Our new classroom 7
Our new classroom 8
Our new classroom 9

First week of school in yellow class

First week of school in yellow class 1
First week of school in yellow class 2
First week of school in yellow class 3
First week of school in yellow class 4
First week of school in yellow class 5
First week of school in yellow class 6
First week of school in yellow class 7
First week of school in yellow class 8
First week of school in yellow class 9
First week of school in yellow class 10
First week of school in yellow class 11

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