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Welcome to the Orange class page. The class teacher in Orange class is Miss Parker and the Early Years Practitioner is Miss Wells. Mrs Arrand, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Bodle, Mrs Jacklin and Mrs White support and help us in Orange class too!


Our PE days are Monday and Friday; please send your child's PE kit in on a Monday and we will send it home on a Friday. We give out homework books on a Friday and collect them in on a Wednesday. Our reading books will also be changed on a Wednesday.


Please follow our Twitter page @Miss_N_Parker for more exciting updates!  


Our whole school theme is 'To infinity and beyond!'. Our immersive classroom supports this theme and is out of this world! It includes a space station, space rocket, alien planet, spaceship, planets from our solar system and the Moon.



The Early Years Foundation Stage has 7 areas of learning. Here is what we will be covering in the Autumn term:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Making new friends, playing games in small groups, working with partners, getting to know our key person, learning and following the golden rules, learning our school values, circle times, focused PSED sessions, selecting our own activities independently, turn taking and sharing, Critique, Anti-bullying week.


Communication and Language

Following and responding to simple instructions, listening carefully during adult-led stories, talking about characters and events in a story, using language to recreate roles and experiences in role-play, speaking confidently in circle times about our favourite things, our family and our experiences, talk partner work, whole class story maps, Critique.


Physical Development

Taking care of our own personal hygiene, dressing and undressing for PE, getting own coat on and off, using scissors carefully and correctly, mark-making with a variety of media and resources, writing own name, sounds and words, using correct pencil grip, moving in different ways, negotiating space safely and successfully, moving to music, Primary Steps in PE.  



Read Write Inc., listening and responding to stories, recognising own name and other key words, writing own name, sounds from Read Write Inc. and simple words, rhyming words and strings, hearing initial sounds and blending sounds, blending and segmenting for reading and writing , alien words.

Key texts: Aliens love Underpants, Aliens in Underpants Save the World, Here Come the Aliens, Man on the Moon, Alien Tea on Planet Zum-Zee, Marshmallows for Martians.



Counting sets of objects correctly, counting in order to 10/20, recognising numbers to 10/20, ordering numbers to 10/20, ordering objects by size, repeating patterns, 2D shapes, 1 more than a given number, heavy and light.


Understanding the World

Talking about our families and time spent out of school, learning about special celebrations, talking about our likes and dislikes, talking about what we are good at, completing simple programs on an iPad, the life of an astronaut, learning about planets, astronauts, space stations and rockets, learning about famous astronauts.


Expressive Art and Design

Selecting and using a variety of resources to represent our ideas, exploring different tools and techniques, role-play and acting out stories, construction, music, Wake and Shake, astronaut art work.


If you need to speak to the staff in Orange class please find us at the end of the school day. Alternatively, our learning mentor Mrs Holmes is available on the playground in the mornings. 

To Infinity and Beyond - Our Immersive Classroom

rainbow day! 15/09/17

rainbow day! 15/09/17 1

Parent Open Afternoon 26th Sept - How we teach reading, writing & phonics