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Welcome to Yellow Class! 

Yellow class is a mixed year one/reception class. There are two teachers, Mrs Gregory (Monday and Tuesday) and Miss Labourne (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). Our full time teaching assistant is Miss Wells. Our class page is where you will find information about our PE times, library days, book change days and any other important dates/facts you need to know! You will also be able to find out about our curriculum, topics, pictures of us learning and also what our classroom looks like throughout the year. We hope you enjoy our page and find all the information you need. Currently we have a transition booklet below that you should share before September with your child and also a video of the classroom currently (please bear in mind that this will look a little different to September as there will be a change of topic!)

For the new starters please see the New Starters page on our website for more information:

Please follow our twitter pages @MissLabourne (Miss Labourne) and @MrsLGregory (Mrs Gregory) to see what we are up to!


We are looking forward to meeting all of you!

Take a look around Yellow Class....

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Reception- Is the sky really the limit? 

Physical Development

Taking care of our own personal hygiene, washing hands/toileting, dressing and undressing for PE, getting our own coat on and off. Using scissors carefully and correctly, mark making with a variety of media and resources. Writing our own name, sounds and words using the correct pencil grip. Moving to music Primary Steps in PE – moving freely, moving using our imagination, moving in a variety of ways including in a straight line and over obstacles, jumping and landing safely, and jumping for distance.


Understanding the World

Talking about what makes us special, what we are good at, our similarities and differences to others and learning about special times such as Harvest and Christmas. Learning about changes over time, how materials feel and floating and sinking. Making observations and talking about what we have seen. Learning how to take care of living things and the environment. Naming the different areas in our school, describing our houses and learning about different types of buildings. Sequencing stories by the beginning, middle and end. Learning how to unlock an iPad as well as select, close and use different apps including the camera app to take photos. Learning about the different jobs an astronaut does. Learning about the different features of a space suit. Naming and learning about different planets including the planet where we live. 


Expressive Arts & Design

Selecting and using a variety of resources to represent our ideas and thoughts. Exploring different materials and techniques in both adult-led and self-initiated activities. Taking part in role-play and acting out stories. Drawing things that we like and see often, using lines to create shapes, holding pencils/crayons correctly and using colour appropriately. Talking about what we like about a piece of artwork, including our friends work and work by the artist Van Gogh. Creating artwork inspired by Van Gogh. Copying simple rhythms, moving to the rhythm of music and chanting to familiar rhymes and stories Building with construction, using scissors carefully to make cuts in paper and gluing materials together.


Communication & Interaction

Following simple instructions and directions. Learning how to be a good talk partner and good listener. Listening carefully during adult-led stories and talking about the characters and events. Taking part in listening and attention games. Using language to recreate roles and experiences in role-play. Speaking confidently in circle times about our favourite things, our family and our experiences. Working with our talk partners. Developing whole class story maps and using them to retell simple stories.


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Settling in and making new friends. Learning new routines and playing games in small groups and working with partners. Selecting and getting to know our key person. Learning and following our Golden Rules. Learning our school values – focussing on working together and enjoyment. Selecting our own activities independently during self-initiated play. Taking turns and sharing. Taking part in Anti-Bullying Week and learning how to be a good friend. JIGSAW -Being Me in My World Celebrating Difference



Learning our sounds in daily Read Write Inc. lessons. Listening to stories and sharing our favourites. Recognising our own name and other key words. Writing our own name, sounds from RWI and simple words. Learning about rhyming words and strings. Hearing initial sounds and blending sounds. Blending for reading and writing. Reading alien words and creating story maps to help us retell a story.



Counting sets of objects correctly. Counting in order to 10/20 and recognising numbers to 10/20. Ordering numbers to 10/20. Ordering objects by size. Recognising, completing and creating repeating patterns. Learning about 2D shapes – making rockets using different shapes and identifying the shapes we have used. Identifying one more/one less than a given number. Measuring in different ways.


Year 1- Is the sky really the limit? 


We will be taking part in our daily read, Write Inc lessons and continuing to learn our set 1, 2 and 3 sounds for reading and writing. We will read our Read, Write Inc books daily using the sounds that we are familiar with along with discussing the text. The children will also take part in weekly guided reading sessions. 

We will be focusing on a range of fiction books such as 'Whatever Next!', 'The Way Back Home', 'How to Catch a Star' and 'Man on the Moon'. The children will continue to work on their sentence writing and using the correct punctuation. We will create labels, lists, captions and character profiles based on the texts we have focused on. The children will write a set of instructions and begin to recognise the features of instructional writing. We will create shape poetry and begin to look at rhyme. 



Throughout the autumn term we will be working on a range of skills and taking part in our daily 'Big Maths' sessions. We will focus on number and place value to 100. Addition and subtraction by counting on or back mentally to solve these calculations. Naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes. Beginning to look at fractions such as half and quarter of a shape and quantity. Recognising the difference between length and height, ordering and measuring length and height using non-standard and standard units. We will recall the days of the week and months of the year and put them in the correct sequence. 



We will be exploring and naming a range of different materials. We will begin to look at the properties of different materials and use the language waterproof, hard, soft, bendy, absorbent, transparent and magnetic. The children will take part in a materials investigation. We will also focus on day and night and the different planets in the solar system. 


We will have two PE sessions a week and we follow the Primary Steps framework. During the autumn term our focus will be on body management and locomotion. 



We will focus on how the children can keep safe online and we will revisit this throughout the term. The children will learn how to take photographs, zoom and delete on an iPad.  They will learn how to type text using a keyboard and delete letters, use the space bar for spaces and use enter to start a new line. We will use the  'Lego Visualiser' app to develop these skills. 



We will learn about significant individuals from the past such as Guy Fawkes and Neil Armstrong. We will learn about the 'Gunpowder Plot'. 



We will explore our local area and name the human and physical features of Bottesford. We will become familiar with a map and create our own map of our local area. 


Art & Design

We will focus on Van Gogh and 'The Starry Night'. Throughout this the children will learn to mix colours and will create their own piece of Van Gogh art work. 


Design Technology

The children will design, make and evaluate their own space inspired moving picture. They will also design, make and evaluate their own rocket. 



We will focus on pitch and explore high and low sounds using our voices and instruments. We will explore a range of instruments and focus on the composer 'Gustav Holst'.



We follow Jigsaw and the units we will be working on are 'Being me in my World' and 'Celebrating Differences'. 




Remembrance Day

Moving Pictures

Project Launch - September 2020