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Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

Tuesday 12/1/21


Today we would like you all to begin writing sentences! This is because you now know your set 1 sounds and can write these sounds to spell a word!

Sentence writing can be a bit tricky so I have made an instructional video for you to follow as you do your work. Your sentences will be about the 3 Little pigs characters.
You can practice these sentences on the sheets provided or on a plain piece of paper etc.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Introducing writing sentences to children can be very tricky. Some children may find this a lot easier than others. They may only get one spelling right in the sentence (This is ok!) They may also spell phonetically at the moment using only the set 1 sounds they have learnt. With this in mind, I have spelt the word 'wolf' phonetically in the video as W-U-L-F (just in case it is noticed!) Similarly with tricky words like 'The' these cannot be sounded out properly. Simple CVC words like 'pig' will be easily spelt by your child. Everything will make sense once the video is watched. Again the children can have as many attempts as required simply by watching the video again.

Please let me know if there are any concerns!


Can you count forwards and backwards from 30 using your number line or a hundred square to help you?
Can you join in with the counting song below:
This week we will be focusing on missing number sequences. Can you use your number line or hundred square to fill in the missing numbers on the worksheet?

As an extra challenge can you create your own missing number sequences counting beyond 30!?



Today we are going to be learning about 'the town and the country'.

Do you know what a town is? What would you expect to see in the countryside? 
Have a look at the photos attached- where would you find these things? (town or country)? Can you talk to a grown up about whether you have seen these things before.
Do you think you live in a town or in the country? How do you know?
Can you sort/ cut and stick the pictures into the correct place?