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Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow


Our Science Curriculum


At Bottesford Infant school we aim to ensure that all pupils develop scientific knowledge and understanding through the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Our emphasis on scientific enquiry skills help develop our pupils ability to ask questions about the world around them and gain scientific knowledge. We aim to develop our pupils understanding of the impact of science discoveries from the past, and the implications of science developments in the present. 



At our school we teach the Science content from the 2014 National Curriculum. We believe Science is about developing a sense of enquiry and curiosity so our pupils develop knowledge and understanding about the world around them. Our pupils work as scientists to explore and test their own concepts and ideas. We aim to cultivate interest in scientific learning, and highlight science in the world around them in jobs and professions enabling our pupils to make informed decisions in the future. 'Working scientifically' overreaches all science learning in our school, and highlights the understanding of the nature, process and methods for scientific enquiry.

Our Curriculum coverage - 

Autumn Term

EYFS - Seasons/weather

Year 1 - Everyday materials

Year 2 - Uses of Materials


Spring Term

EYFS - Animals and their life cycles

Year 1 - Animals, including humans

Year 2 - Living things and their habitats (revisit Y1 Seasonal change)


Summer Term

EYFS - Planting and growing

Year 1 - Plants and Seasonal change

Year 2 - Animals, including humans and Plants


Throughout the year, year groups will learn about the achievements of different famous scientists and inventors, both from the past and from the present. Our pupils will discuss the impact of these discoveries and how they effect our lives today.

Summer Gardening

Investigating the properties of materials

We love Science!