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Mental Health & Well-Being

Play is important

Play is a vital part of childhood and is essential in all aspects of children's development. During times of significant change, play can have a therapeutic role, helping children to recover a sense of normality. The International Play Association aim to project, preserve and promote a child's right to play as fundamental human right. 

With this in mind they have produced a guide to 'Play in Crisis' for parents and carers. It is full of information and ideas on how to support your child's play during these unprecedented times. The document covers a range of areas from the importance of play to managing play at home, play that involves different themes and things to play with around your home.

To find all the useful ideas click on the link below


Websites Empathy Day -June 9th Newsround have a page that gives advice if you're worried about Coronavirus Sesame Street mindfulness Suggestions about how to keep mentally healthy NSPCC- supporting children’s mental health through the pandemic


Calming and Relaxation Web links

The following web links are all about how achieve a feeling of calm, meditation and sleep. You may find them useful during this time.


Visit Childline for lots of resources to help during this time. We recommend these calming activities and games from Childline.


If at any stage there is a bereavement in your family there is some useful information at Bereavement UK. It includes advice on supporting children through difficult times/bereavement and when you can't visit someone who is ill.

Winston's Wish is a good website with information on dealing with bereavement. It also has information around Coronavirus that you may find useful.


Click here to find information from the Government on children's mental health and well-being.


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