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Sports Premium

At Bottesford Infant School we believe that, 'Better movers make better thinkers. Better movers make better learners.' We are committed to improving PE and school sport for our young children. Following the success of the sports premium, the government doubled the sports funding in September 2017.  This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sports in schools.


Let's Get Healthy

We are a proud member of the Get Ahead Partnership and work closely with them to improve every child's experience of PE (curriculum), to increase opportunities for competition against selves and others, increase physical activity for all young people and encourage a healthy lifestyle. This year we have invested some of our Sport Premium money to become one of their 'Let's Get Healthy' schools; Miss Borrie is our Health Improvement Co-ordinator and is in school every Friday, helping us to be the healthiest, happiest school we can be. So far this year Miss Borrie has...

  • Worked alongside Miss Parker to launch 'Walking Wednesday' and 'Fitness Friday' to develop active travel.
  • Worked alongside our breakfast club facility to develop healthy choices and train up children from the Junior School to lead active games. 
  • Worked with children in Year 2 to develop the Junior Lunchtime Supervisor role.
  • Led a 'Let's Get Healthy' cafe at our Parent Consultation afternoon. 
  • Sold festive fruit kebabs at our Christmas Fayre to ensure it was our healthiest fayre yet! 

Miss Borrie also works with groups of children throughout the afternoon, including our Sports Leaders - please see for more information. 


Walking Wednesday results so far...

Assessment day in September - 38% of children travelled to school in an active way

October - 63% of children travelled to school in an active way

November - 58% of children travelled to school in an active way

December - 56% of children travelled to school in an active way

Keep up the good work everyone!

We are very proud of how fit and healthy our children are, as they already have so many opportunities at our school to take part in daily physical activity and learn about healthy lifestyles. We aim to make our provision even better using the Sports Premium funding.


In 2017/2018 we used the Sport Premium funding to:

  • Engage all children in regular physical activity by developing our active playtimes and lunchtimes
  • Further develop the confidence and skills of our staff
  • Increase participation levels in competitive sport
  • Further develop our school sports clubs
  • Engage children in a broad range of sports and sporting experiences

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full report of how our money has been spent and the impact it has had in our school. 

Please see below for photos of some of the things we have used our funding on.

Go to and our class pages for more information on sporting events and activities that have taken place in school!


We also have a floorbook showing all of our wonderful sporting achievements and how the funding is being used in our school. Please ask Miss Parker if you would like to browse through our PE and Sport floorbook.

Running Challenge! Nov 2018

Running Challenge! Nov 2018 1
We have a new running challenge during playtime! The children collect a lap band at the end of each lap of the playground before counting their total number of laps at the end; their challenge is to do as many laps as they can and beat their personal best. We used the Sport Premium money to buy the lap bands and equipment to mark out the track. 

Our speaker!

Our speaker!  1
We used our Sport Premium money to buy this speaker; it allows us to do PE lessons outside, keep active at playtimes and is used every week for Miss Parker's 'Fitness Friday' on the playground! 

Fitness Friday!

Miss Parker is on the playground every Friday at 8.40am to get our bodies moving and brains working ready for a day of learning! Everyone is welcome; we love to see children from the local preschool, Junior School and younger siblings joining in! 

World Cup Day! 13/7/18

World Cup Day! 13/7/18 1
On Friday 13th July we had a huge intra-school competition with each class battling it out in 6 different football challenges to win our World Cup trophy! We used our Sport Premium money to fund this day with the help of the Get Ahead Partnership and 12 amazing Sports Leaders from Bottesford Juniors! See the PE page for more photos! 

Active Bear

Active Bear 1
Active Bear is our newest addition to our Achievement Assembly bears... every day one child from each class wears the class pedometer, we record the number of steps completed at the end of every day and total them up at the end of a week. The most active class is rewarded with 'Active Bear'! 

Active Playtimes

The School Council met with Miss Parker to discuss our playground and what we could do to make playtimes even more fun and even more active. The children decided they would really like to play more games and in order to do this we would need some new equipment. They created a shopping list using post-its and catalogues. Here is all of our new equipment ready to go!  

We have invested in the PE library from 'Primary Steps in PE'. Each week children from Year 1 and 2 take home a PE Library bag for the weekend; each bag contains some equipment and an activity book. The idea behind the PE Library is to get children more active at home and to encourage more physical play with their parents/siblings. 

Sports Premium funding for 2016-2017

Sports Premium funding for 2015/16