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International Activities


We are going to be doing many international themed activities throughout the course of this year. Some of these activities will be completed in partnership with our partner school in India. 

The activities are outlined below. We will share more details, post photos and keep you updated with these activities as they happen!


  • Divali week


  • Who is a hero to you? - We will ask the children to consider who is a hero to them. Our partner school will also do the same and we shall share and compare.


  • Chinese New Year week​​​​​​​


  • Global reading/World Book Day - Children will be sharing each others favourite books and creating book reviews on them to share with our partner school. We shall ask our partner school to do the same. We shall also aim to expose the children to a range of stories from other cultures as well as learning about famous British authors.  


  • International Week/From a home in......  We will have an international focus week where each class learns about a different country. All the children’s learning that week will focus on that particular country and they will learn about the Geography of the country, food, traditions etc, language.

    We will also be asking the school kitchen if they can create an international themed menu for that week so that children may experience foods from other cultures.



  • A day in the life of... We will be creating i-movies to share with our partner school about our daily routines and school life. Our partner school will be sending us information about their daily life for us to compare. 



  • Eco-warriors - we will aim to share our eco-warriors work with our partner school and through sharing and exchanging ideas help each other to become more eco-friendly and green. And also learn about and compare some of the eco-issues which may affect our partner school that don’t necessarily affect our school.